Can you recognise a Ghost, Ghoul, or Goblin

Being a Irish child born hours after Halloween (All Hallows Eve), means being born on All Hallows Day or as we call it All Saints Day now that we are no longer pagan in Ireland. Oiche Shamhna as we say in Gaelic and it is the Gaelic word Samhain (November) which gives English the name samhainophobia – the morbid fear of Halloween. Well this is topical at this time of year and Kaggle have created a lovely problem to solve to aid peoples’ samhainophobia and to help us spot a ghost, a ghoul, or a goblin.

Perfect for budding new R students to practice some data analytics in R.

Hackathon in Excel / R / Python

Today in the hackathon you can practice / learn some Excel, R, & Python, Fusion Tables to perform some data manipulation, data analysis, and graphics.

In R to set your working directory, use the function setwd() or in Python use the os.chdir function to achieve the same.

Part A

Hackathon Quiz 23rd October 2016 R

Attempt Some R Questions to practice using R.

Next we can practice reading data sets.

Attached are two files for US baby names in 1900 and 2000.

In the files you’ll see that each year is a comma-separated file with 3 columns – name, sex, and number of births.

Part B

Hackathon Quiz 23rd October 2016 Baby Names

Attached are two files for US baby names in 1900 and 2000

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