Can you judge a movie by its online presence?

Based on the thought process – judging a book by its cover? Is it possible to judge a movie by its online presence?

This hackathon idea is hosted on Kaggle and made available by Chuan Sun to allow budding data scientist’s to test out their ideas See for more information.

This morning the DBS Hackathon group will investigate this dataset.

Anonymised Student Swirl Tutorial Dataset

So people have been taking part in the DBS Hackathons for over a year now and they are if not great fun, they appear to be popular. I also fully embraced swirl (Interactive R Learning) and have built it into my students’ continuous assessments. Plus when the data is all collected it provides information to be able to do some analytics. I did promise to make the data available in an anonymised fashion. So below is 514 different submissions by students over the last month or so.

The dataset provided shows the course completed, an anonymised unique id for the student, an anonymised email address, the date and time completed and lastly whether the student was male or female.