Trump for President? It’s Beginning to look like it!

I should be in bed, I know, I have a lot of work tomorrow but not being one to contradict the great Nate Silver and but has Trump just won this US presidential election?

It is 3:10am (10:10 EST) and as I look at the numbers does Trump have enough electoral votes? The TV has him at 150 – CBS News seems to have prematurely given Virgina’s 13 votes to Clinton – it looks 150 to 109 (although CBS have 122).

So Trump looks to have nailed Georgia (16), North Carolina (15), Michigan (16), Ohio (18). That is 65 – he now would only need 55 more. He is leading but very close in Winconsin (10), Arizona (11), and Florida (29). This would only leave him needing 5 votes and he is expected to win Alaska, Idaho, and Utah comfortably to give him 13 votes.

Does that have him winning by 18? Getting Trump to 278 and Hillary to 260.

At what point does he not even need Florida?

I am not even including the 80 electoral votes for Nevada, or the West Coast states of California, Oregon, Washington in these projections.