Lab 4 – Python for Data Analytics

For any data scientist Python is a must, but Python alone will not go very far on its own. Pandas is the data analytics library that allows Python to deliver the functionality which comes out of the box in R.

Setting up Python & Pandas is now made very easy with Anaconda, and the running of Python can be made very intuitive with Jupyter Notebook.


  • Download Python & Install. – python 2.7 was used here
  • Download Anaconda & Install
  • Open Command Prompt after installation
  • set PATH=%PATH%;c:\Python27;
  • conda –version
  • conda install pandas
  • conda install ipython
  • conda install pip
  • jupyter notebook

For more details, please see the full tutorial to install Pandas here.

A simple, intuitive, and powerful introduction to Pandas can be found here.

The graphics matplotlib library is discussed here.

Statistical analysis made easy in Python with SciPy and Pandas DataFrames.

5 Questions which can teach you Multiple Regressions (with R and Python).

Data files useful to run analysis on:

Iris Data

Parasite Data

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